Our ethos

Curiouser and curiouser.


Kids are curious and far be it for us to hinder that. In providing a safe, happy and inclusive setting we encourage the children to explore their interests through a combination of free play and structured activities, inside and out.

We aim to create an environment where children can develop socially, emotionally and intellectually. Building their self esteem and confidence alongside key life skills is part of the journey we support the children on in preparing them for the transition to school and beyond.

We invite the children to explore and become independent, and our free-flow indoor-outdoor setting encourages this. We’re so very lucky to have such a pretty rural setting and proactively nurture the children’s enjoyment of outdoor activities and love of the fresh air.

Our team of qualified early years specialists bring a fun and personable vibe to the setting. Each child is allocated a keyworker primarily responsible for their care, observing and supporting their development requirements as well as maintaining parent-preschool communication.

our values

We believe that one of the most important ways children learn is by observing how adults behave.

As adults we:

  • treat each child as an individual and with respect

  • encourage each child to treat others with respect

  • speak kindly to others

  • offer real choices to the children

  • observe each child and continuously assess their wellbeing

  • work closely with parents to support their child’s needs

  • work closely as a team to communicate about children’s individual needs

  • work with colleagues from other agencies in the best interests of each child

We encourage adults and children to:

  • look after each other

  • look after toys and resources

  • not to hurt the feelings of others

  • not to physically hurt others

  • not to shout unless in need of help

  • ask for help if being hurt or bullied

Felicity Ashley  Committee Chair

Felicity Ashley
Committee Chair

Synetta Howes  Pre School Manager

Synetta Howes
Pre School Manager

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