A typical day

Encouraging independence. Supporting development.


We plan each day based on a core pattern around which activities are tailored to the needs and interests of each individual child. A familiar rhythm to the day contributes to a secure environment for the children while enabling every child to develop at a pace that is suitable for them.

We’re also able to provide full day wraparound care for your child(ren).

breakfast club 7.45-8.45am

Breakfast club is hosted by St Laurence School in the school hall. A breakfast of cereal is provided, if required, and the children are brought across to Pre School by a staff member when the school day starts.

Children can be dropped at breakfast club at any time during the session.

Morning Session  9-11.30am

Pre-school starts at 9.00am with the hustle and bustle of arrivals, where our experienced staff settle the children into the setting. This is an important time for parent-staff communication and we are more than happy for parents/carers to stay and play with their children during this period.

Staff ensure they know each child in their care and encourage them to join in or select an activity or area of play that they particularly enjoy.

Group time

At 9.45am for 15 minutes the children come together into small groups. Led by a staff member they focus on numeracy and literacy activities according to their age or ability.

Snack time

At 10am we set up an area for snack time and the children come on a rolling basis to have a drink and a healthy snack.

Story time

At 11.10am the children come together into small groups for stories, music and movement. This takes the session up to lunch time at 11.30am.


Lunchtime 11.30am-12.30pm

Lunchtime lasts for 1 hour. We understand how important it is to eat in family groupings, talking about our meal, and making it a relaxing and enjoyable time for everyone. The team eats with the children where possible.

Parents often comment on how well their child eats when sitting alongside their friends!

Children can bring either a packed lunch or we can reheat any meals provided.


Afternoon Session  12.30-3pm

The afternoon session begins with a relaxed period when parents are again welcome to stay and play with their child or talk with the team.

Group time

At 1.15pm for 15 minutes the children come together in small groups to take part in an activity focusing on one of the six areas of learning.

Snack time

At 2.30pm the children share in a healthy snack.

Story time

At 2.45pm the children sit together for stories and songs.

after school club 3-5.30pm

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