fundraising matters

We’re a charity


WASPS is a registered charity. Aside from revenue from fees, we are reliant on fundraising to run the pre school and keep it open.

This is one of the tasks that falls to the committee to organise and calls on our parents to support. We endeavour to make it as fun and appealing as possible!

You’ll spot small fundraisers spread throughout the year. Our cake sales, sweet stalls and summer ice cream stands go down a treat. Especially as they tend to fall at the end of Friday’s afternoon session!

Our summer sports social is an annual affair. We combine the pre school sports day with a bar and barbecue to brings the children, their friends and parents together on a sunny summer’s evening.

Look out for one other ‘big’ fundraising event at some point in the year, that’s all about the parents!

See, being part of the pre school committee isn’t all meetings and policies. As volunteers, we make both pre school and the committee a welcoming, fun and friendly environment to be a part of.